Raincrop Rain Gauges

Connected rain gauges for more precise, efficient,
and eco-friendly agriculture.

Raincrop Rain Gauges

Connected rain gauges for more precise, efficient,
and eco-friendly agriculture.

The Ag-Weather Rain Station


  • Rainfall (inches)
  • Temperature (°F)
  • Humidity (%)
Motion detector

The only rain gauge available with a double tipping bucket design, renowned for its accuracy in measuring rainfall accumulation.

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The solution: sensors + app

Sencrop is making precision agriculture more accessible to farmers everywhere. The digitally connected ag-weather station allows farmers to access real-time climatological data and parcel-specific weather conditions directly from their smartphone or computer.

  • Install your mobile weather stations easily in your fields
  • Analyze collected data—anytime, anywhere
  • Manage your plots in a purposeful, targeted manner

The application

Cumulative Dashboard

  • Cumulative rainfall, temperature changes, etc.
  • Distribution curves (day to day, min/max)
  • Personalization


  • GPS location services
  • Map view
  • Station movement alerts

Simple alerts

  • Stay informed. React with ease.
  • Personalized text or email alerts
  • Alarm mode (low water volumes)


  • Precise 7-day forecasts
  • Climate predictions for your plots
  • Improved decision-making

History and tracking

  • Dynamic histograms and data curves
  • Cross-station comparisons
  • Permanent data storage
  • Exports to Excel

Sharing and networks

  • Give neighboring farmers access to your stations
  • And vice versa, request access to theirs
  • Reduce setup and subscription costs by sharing plans
  • Collaborative agricultural tools designed for co-working



14-Day Guarantee

In the event you change your mind.

2-Year Warranty

Covering hardware and batteries.
One-week exchange for standard new products.

Quick Delivery

2-day delivery within
Metropolitan France

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Paul-Henri, farm operator, Outarville - Loriet, France

“What’s smart about this device is that because it monitors temperature and humidity, I can be 25 kilometers away, doing business with clients, or travelling abroad, and I am still able to send information to my employees and say: “Look, it hasn’t rained. Can you go spray crop protection in a certain field.” It means I don’t always have to be on-site. It saves me from making 50-kilometer round trips in the car."