Sencrop is launching his new generation of connected weather stations in UK at CropTec

At Sencrop, our mission is clear :
we help all farmers to make better decisions in their daily agricultural activities.

With easy-to-use and accessible solutions, based on connected sensors, Sencrop empowers ALL farmers, on a worldwide scale. Sencrop wants to implement in UK its cutting-edge technology and invest in networks of sensors to serve growers.

The connected Ag-Weather Rain Station

Sencrop's new generation of in-field sensors, based on low power long range network, is bringing a very accessible solution for ALL farmers, to better manage their weather conditions and crop risks.


  • Rainfall (inches)
  • Air Temperature (°C)
  • Humidity (%)
Geolocation + Motion detector


  • Wind speed (mph)
  • Wind gusts
  • Wind direction
All vital information is collected from reference sensors positioned along two separate rods in order to produce the most reliable measurements.

Network of stations

A collaborative tool for all farmers. Sencrop brings innovative but easy-to-use solutions for British farmers. Reduce impact of chemical spraying and enter into precision farming world.

Today Sencrops' community consists of more than 4000 stations in the world.

The community will allow to give neighbouring farmers access to other stations and create collaborative agricultural tools designed for co-working.

Treat crops with greater local precision

Reduce the amount of back and forth trips you make to spray your crops; offset treatments by several days if necessary: local data relayed from your station in real time are invaluable for deciding how to treat crops when risk factors for disease are present.

  • Connect your treatment triggers to ultralocal information
  • Make good agronomic decisions at just the right time
  • Get your own mobile station at a very affordable price

Sencrop is launching the new generation of weather stations in the UK