Sencrop in ARABLE LAMMA 2019
Next-Gen vineyard sensor offers 24/7 frost and disease insight

Sencrop presents:
The next generation of connected weather stations!

At Sencrop, our mission is clear :
We're here to help every farmer with their daily agricultural decision-making.

With easy-to-use solutions that won't break the bank, Sencrop empowers all farmers throughout the world with their connected sensors. Sencrop is implementing their cutting-edge technology in the UK and Europe, investing in sensor networks to serve farmers.

The connected Ag-Weather Rain Station

Sencrop's new generation of in-field sensors based on low-power, long-range network provides farmers with user-friendly solutions for managing weather conditions and limiting crop risks.


  • Rainfall (inches or mm)
  • Air temperature (°C or °F)
  • Humidity (%)
Geolocation + Motion detector


  • Wind speed (MPH or KMH)
  • Wind gusts
  • Wind direction
The information is collected from multiple sensors in order to produce the most reliable measurements.

A network of stations

As a collaborative tool for farmers, Sencrop brings innovative, easy-to-use solutions to farmers in the UK and Europe. Reduce your environmental impact by decreasing your spraying, and enter the world of data-driven precision farming.

The Sencrop community includes over 4500 stations around the world.

This community allows nearby farmers the possibility to access other stations and share data.

More efficient spraying thanks to local precision

Reduce the amount of trips you'll make to spray your crops, or even offset spraying by several days if necessary. Local data collected from your station in real-time will help you decide how and when to spray when disease risk factors present themselves.

  • Set alerts based on ultra-local information
  • Make the right farming decisions at the right moment
  • Create your own budget-friendly mobile weather network

Sencrop presents the next generation of weather stations



Who are we?

Founded in 2016 by Martin Ducroquet and Michael Bruniaux, Sencrop is an innovative agtech start-up based at Euratechnologies in Lille, France, the third largest startup accelerator in Europe. Sencrop was selected by Le Village by CA, a startup accelerator funded by Crédit Agricole for high-growth ventures. With $10 million raised in a successful series-A funding round in 2018, the Sencrop team is now composed of 30 talented employees including six nationalities.