Leaf wetness sensor

The connected leaf wetness sensor for monitoring your orchards and fields. Get real-time wetness measurements, track the air temperature and humidity in your fields. An affordable station that’s easy to set up and adapted to every farmer’s needs.

An essential tool for fruit growers, winegrowers

  • Follow what’s happening in your orchards and fields (Disease, frost)
  • Take action at the right time: Sencrop sensors will alert you if the leaf is wet or not. The quantity of water present on a leaf is measured with the highest precision, down to the last drop. The sensor detects the type of moisture, identifying the risk zone (high or low) to better alert you to disease prevention.
  • Install one or more sensors in your orchards and vineyards.

Easy to install, user-friendly application

  1. Covered sensors
  2. Electrical box
  3. Leaf wetness sensor
The best return on investment
on the leaf sensor market

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24/7 Real-time data

The sensor imitates real leaves. It doesn’t require any calibration or maintenance. You’ll get quick, ultral-local data in real-time, 24/7 thanks to the high-precision sensor


  • Wetness
  • Air temperature (°C)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Dew point
  • Wet bulb temperature

Your data:

  • Leaf wetness duration
  • Leaf wetness start date
  • Amount of water on the leaf
  • Ice detection on the leaf

Use the application to track leaf wetness

  • Access the leaf wetness history to optimize your spraying

Fight diseases

  • Leaf wetness directly connected to your DST (farming models)
  • Foliar disease prediction, such as powdery mildew, apple scab, and blight
  • Automatically sends weather data to your decision support tools (DST: Rimpro ™, inoki by CTIFL ...)
  • Personalized alert: by sms, email, phone call or notification, be alerted when conditions are favorable for the appearance of the disease or frost.

The application


Cumulative Dashboard

  • Cumulative rainfall, temperature changes, etc.
  • Distribution curves (day to day, min/max)
  • Personalization


  • GPS location services
  • Map view
  • Station movement alerts

Simple alerts

  • Stay informed. React with ease.
  • Personalized text or email alerts
  • Alarm mode (low water volumes)


  • Precise 7-day forecasts
  • Climate predictions for your plots
  • Improved decision-making


History and tracking

  • Dynamic histograms and data curves
  • Cross-station comparisons
  • Permanent data storage
  • Exports to Excel

Sharing and networks

  • Give neighboring farmers access to your stations
  • And vice versa, request access to theirs
  • Reduce setup and subscription costs by sharing plans
  • Collaborative agricultural tools designed for co-working



14-Day Guarantee

In the event you change your mind.

2-Year Warranty

Covering hardware and batteries.
One-week exchange for standard new products.

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Metropolitan France

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Paul-Henri, farm operator, Outarville - Loriet, France

“What’s smart about this device is that because it monitors temperature and humidity, I can be 25 kilometers away, doing business with clients, or travelling abroad, and I am still able to send information to my employees and say: “Look, it hasn’t rained. Can you go spray crop protection in a certain field.” It means I don’t always have to be on-site. It saves me from making 50-kilometer round trips in the car."