Join the SAMCO weather network and test a Sencrop Raincrop station!

Samco and Sencrop are teaming up to bring you a network of weather stations. Sign up for a free trial period in December to gain access to the weather app and the Samco network. This promotion is organised by SAMCO and Sencrop for all members of Samco and Shrim Farmers Ltd.


Take action
At the right moment

Collect weather data from your own fields

Using a special long-range, low-power network, your station sends weather data updates directly to your app from the field every 15 minutes.

Set personalized weather alerts

Program custom alerts by telephone, email or text message for optimized farm management. Be alerted to frost, disease-favoring conditions, temperature, rainfall, and more.


Keep an eye on your fields
With real-time, local weather data

Plan your day

The dashboard shows you what is happening at every station so that you can make better decisions about your day-to-day activities.

Compare data sets or stations

Use your station's history to make comparisons between fields or to analyze data sets. Track your farm data year after year.

A reliable seven-day forecast

Get a weekly overview of temperatures and estimated rainfall by the hour at every station.


Access the ag-weather station Samco network

  • Identify easily all the stations available around you

  • Connect to them in one click

  • Get access to all the selected stations


With over 7500 stations across UK and Europe, here is what farmers are saying about the largest ag-weather station network.




“Just built and set up/registered both stations in under 5 minutes – really couldn’t be easier, very impressed so far!”



“I love my weather station and the new app makes it even better. The forecasts are very accurate too.”

The next generation of connected ag-weather stations
for all farmers


Join the weather network

Please note that members wishing to participate in the Samco
network trial are required to pay shipping cost of £40.