Agronomic indicators

Sencrop integrates within its app different agronomic indicators based on your individual weather and crop data. We help you measure and anticipate agronomic field risks to maximise yields (diseases, pests, frost, optimal operation condition...).

Anticipate agronomic risks

Benefit from personalised advice

Centralise information in one app


Towards good agricultural practices

The development of your cultures depends on plenty of weather factors such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, etc. Sencrop’s agronomic indicators combine local weather data with information about your crop, sowing date and process it through artificial intelligence algorithms so that you can detect crop risks instantaneously and make better decisions.

Anticipate agronomic risks

Weather plays a crucial role in the development of crops. Agronomic indicators give more control over your crops and inform about situations in the field - whether it is disease prevention, fertilizing or harvesting.

Keep your hand on the pulse of your crops to make better decisions.


Centralise information in one app

Agronomic indicators are displayed through a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to use. All Indicators are centralised in one place with other app features (forecasts, radar, alerts etc.). Sencrop gives clear information directly in farmers’ hands, on a smartphone as well on a desktop.

Monitor your crops and make decisions without leaving home.


Advices tailored to your crops

Agronomic indicators are based on weather data or weather forecast data from your plots. It takes into account historical data and any changes in the weather as well specialities of your crops (variety, precocity, sowing date, etc.) each indicator tailored to your specific situation.

Sencrop take advantage of having local weather data to provide support tools for farmers.


Agronomic indicators available

Find the agronomic indicators directly in the Sencrop application, from the "Agronomy" entry.



Disease pressure indicators by ISIP

Detect and act at the right time on your cereals with disease pressure indicators by ISIP


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video-Stade de croissance


Growth stages by Semences de France

Find out how to use the growth stages in the application and how they are generated


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