Anticipate local weather

With Sencrop, follow your local weather conditions very precisely, even if you're at distance! Thanks to a precision weather station and a single application, you manage your crops daily, using historical, live or forecast weather data.

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How can I monitor the weather conditions in my plot?

Excessive heat, risk of frost, rainfall accumulation... Many weather data impact the daily life of farmers. To help you, Sencrop provides its local weather stations and its agricultural weather application, to make the most of the weather data hour by hour. In real time, keep an eye on your plots and those around you, measure weather and agronomic risks, reduce related costs, anticipate hazards and plan your activity.


Live agricultural weather

Find your local weather reports in real time at a glance. Depending on your weather stations, access data on rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, etc.


History and data export

Simply download your past weather data to anticipate accumulations, make comparative analyses, campaign assessments, or support your agronomic decisions. Maximise your yields now.


Weather forecasts

Sencrop offers several of the most reliable weather forecast models on the market. Choose the one you prefer to consult according to your needs and your location. Anticipate the weather hazards of the coming days, up to 7 days in advance.

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Rain radar

with the rain radar, visualise in real time the progress of disturbances and their level of intensity. Organise your agricultural operations: optimise your movements on the plots and define your best intervention window!

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Activate one of the pre-set alerts or customise the parameters, based on the data collected by the stations. You will be notified of the risk by SMS, email or phone call, so that you can intervene at the right time and with peace of mind.


Local maps

Follow the evolution of weather in your area, thanks to a map of the data collected by the surrounding weather stations. For example, follow the evolution of rainfall amounts. With more than 23,000 stations in Europe, you always have a weather station near you.

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Invaluable insights on meteorological phenomena


stations in the world

Consult weather data from one station or more in the network.

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