Local ag-weather

Sencrop’s innovative platform provides farmers with reliable ultra-local data about weather for increased day-to-day efficiency.







The best local weather data service

Sencrop the largest network of ag-weather stations in Europe, has developed an innovative product to help you make the right decisions at the right moment based on highly reliable and ultra-localised weather data. In real time, keep an eye on your immediate and neighbouring plots, assess meteorological and agronomic risks, lower associated costs, predict any variations and plan your activities accordingly.

Real-time weather from the fields

Sencrop's weather data records support you in any of your agronomic decisions.

You can check the temperature, humidity level, wind speed and direction and cumulative rainfall on your fields at any time.

Connect to other stations in your area to compare the conditions over your plots and anticipate weather risks.

Real-time data
Reliable, local weather
Connect to weather stations in your area
Live rain radar

Until 7



Invaluable insights on meteorological phenomena


stations in the world

Consult weather data from one station or more in the network.

Predict Weather Variations

Never let weather variations be a constraint again and anticipate weather risks.

Thanks to Sencrop, you can take full advantage of precise weather forecast up to 7 days in advance and better predict weather conditions.

Rain radar and forecast in your region are effectively combined with your own key-indicators (frost warnings, sowing, treatments, irrigation, etc.).

Choice of the weather forecast model (up to 7days)
A combination of tools for higher efficiency
Informed decision-making



by 2025

Reduction target for plant protection products according to the ecophyto plan. Sencrop contributes to reasoning the use of the chemical panoply to reduce the use of plant protection products.

Plan your Agricultural Season

Sencrop’s ag-weather stations provide reliable and ultra-local forecast to support you in your seasonal planning according to weather variations: heat wave, frost warnings, rainfall, water stress, etc.

Reduce stress during the growing season with access to records of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation warnings.

Weather data history and export
Comparative analysis
Seasonal planning
Weather predictions

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