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40% grant : Sencrop is eligible for the TAMS 3 Scheme!

The Irish Department of Agriculture has decided to open a grant for farmers, in its plan for targeted agricultural modernisation scheme (TAMS 3) announced in June 2023. The grant is called “Tillage Capital Investment Scheme” (TCIS). Sencrop weather stations are eligible with subsidies of up to 40% of the price!

All our weather stations can be subsidised up to 40%!

All of our weather stations are eligible for the 40% grant of the cost, excl. VAT, in the “pesticide reduction” category (Annex B)

Sencrop plus pack: two connected weather stations to monitor your crops' local weather (rain, temperature, wind, etc.)
Leafcrop station: moisture sensor for precise frost risk monitoring
Irricrop pack: complete solution (3 stations + water balance and ETP) for better irrigation management

Information about the TCIS grant

The aim

TCIS facilitates the Tillage Sector to develop a targeted and precise approach and provides financial support to farmers to help them achieve improved competitiveness, increased efficiency, growth and environmental benefits.

What is the grant ceiling?

  • Minimum amount of investment to be eligible : €2,000 per application
  • Maximum investment ceiling is €90,000 per holding
  • In the case of an application by two or more eligible partners, the maximum eligible investment ceiling shall be increased to €160,000.

Multiple applications per tranche are allowed.

Who is eligible for the TCIS grant?

Eligible persons :

  • Farmers with minimum of 15 hectares of lands (owned, leased or rented) which has been declared under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) or the Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS)
  • Farmers with a Department identifier
  • Eligibility of applicant where holding is owned/leased by a legal person - An application may be accepted in the name of a legal person provided that legal person satisfies the eligibility criteria at 3.1. A copy of a company’s Companies Registration Office Certificate and Memorandum and Articles of Association or one document constitution must be submitted in support of the application.

From when, until when?

The application procedure began on the 2nd of June and will be followed by several other waves. The budget of the envelope should empty very quickly.

Applications for the grant will be assessed in accordance with some criteria, for example: the age of applicant, the size of the enterprise…

How to submit a demand for Sencrop station from the TCIS grant?

To submit your application for Sencrop stations, simply follow these steps:

  • Contact us to request a quote for one or more Sencrop stations (unsigned quote)
  • Applications must be submitted online through Applicants can submit more than one application per tranche, subject to the minimum investment ceiling (2.000€)
  • The serial number of the weather station(s) and the invoice must be included in the demand

Find more information on the Tillage Capital Investment Scheme website.

Request a quote to benefit from the subsidy!

All our stations are eligible

40% grant