Weather connected to your crops

Access your precision weather data in a single application, and simplify the farms' daily management with indicators adapted to your crops. Discover more about how to anticipate diseases and pests ๐Ÿ‘‡

Weather monitoring

Disease and pest prevention

Irrigation management



Precision Weather Data

Designed to answer the needs of professional farmers, Sencrop offers a range of connected weather stations that bring you precision agricultural weather data straight from your plots.


The Most Extensive Weather Station Network in Europe!

Over 20,000 connected ag-weather stations throughout Europe.


An Intuitive, User-Friendly Application

Access accurate, ultra-local data to optimise your daily actions.


Prevent Risks, Reduce Costs

Streamline inputs and reduce your environmental impact and associated costs.

Learn more about the Sencrop network

Connect to a Sencrop Station Near You

Sencrop has the biggest network of ag-stations in Europe : find the nearest station or network from you. Find out more about it now! The Sencrop network covers the entire European territory.

Become One of Sencropโ€™s Partners

Connected weather stations imply new service offerings. Several partners, farming groups, cooperatives and DSTs rely on us to inform farmers about this innovative technology.


Create Your Own Private Network

Are you a cooperative, a farming group, a buying group, or an association? By becoming a Sencrop partner, you can create your own private network and take advantage of the agricultural weather data collected by your stations.

You can monitor weather changes in your local area, manage a network of affiliates, offer innovative, distinguishing services and provide precision advice through your agronomic technicians.


Connect Your DST

Are you a DST developer? Join our network to supplement your agronomic models with ultra-local data automatically connected to your equipment via our API.

Are you a farmer? Combine your Sencrop data with DSTs to streamline your actions, make appropriate decisions and reduce your inputs all while following EU recommendations.



A Common Venture: Making Precision Farming Accessible to All

Martin Ducroquet, son of a grain farmer and business school graduate and Michel Bruniaux, a tech-enthusiast computer engineer, met while attending EuraTechnologies in Lille, France. Together, they developed a common venture: designing precision weather stations capable of making connected agriculture accessible to all. Sencrop was born in January 2016. Since then, 20,000 stations were installed worldwide. They also found 90 European partners.


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