Solarcrop Pyranometer

Solarcrop is the first pyranometer or intelligent irradiance sensor, patented and accessible to all. Benefit from an ultra-local measurement of solar radiation, essential for optimal management of your irrigation.

Solar irradiance

To be combined with other weather stations


The irrigation sensor that stands out

The Irricrop solution includes 3 connected weather stations, each dedicated to a precise weather measurement. Among them, the Solarcrop is dedicated to solar radiation measurement. Why is this measurement important in agriculture? Radiation, like water, is the basis of photosynthesis and therefore of the development process of your crops. Thus, the measurement of irradiance is one of the data that allows you to model your available water resources to know when to irrigate.

Patented sensor

Irrigation management

Measurement at the heart of your plots

Automation of ETP and water balance


Patented sensor

After 2 years of R&D, the Solarcrop incorporates numerous innovations that have enabled it to be patented. The measurement of solar radiation is thus ultra reliable, with a margin of error of only ±2%.


One solution for several balances

Your soil type may differ from one plot to another or even a few metres. Set up different water balances in the application, based on the same weather sensors placed in your plots. Just add a "crop type" variable and adapt your soil type


Irrigation module

Track changes in average soil moisture on a graph and easily identify the risk of water stress. Available in the "irrigation module".


All the other weather indicators are available

With the complete irrigation pack, you'll benefit from 2 other precision weather stations in addition to the sensor dedicated to irradiance, as well as all the features of the application (history, connection to DSTs, weather alerts, rain radar, weather forecasts and wind data, etc.)


An irradiance sensor that shines!

The Solarcrop is the most accessible and innovative solution to monitor the water balance of each of your plots, using local data. It can be used with the Raincrop and Windcrop weather stations in order to control your irrigation.

Measurement without altering the solar spectrum

A filter reduces light intensity to a measurable level without altering the solar spectrum or degrading the measurement.

Low temperature dependency

Optimised electronics to limit and correct for thermal drift.

High-end calibration

The sensor is calibrated with a calibrator that perfectly reproduces the solar spectrum, thus taking into account losses due to the atmosphere.

Waterproof case designed for farmers

The Sencrop case is subjected to a battery of quality tests to ensure perfect waterproofing. It is therefore resistant to phytosanitary products and any other agricultural use.


Quick installation of the Solarcrop

The Solarcrop is a sensor to be installed on the Windcrop's mast, facing away from the latter to avoid drift due to shade.

Technical characteristics

Numerous technical qualities make this sensor a reliable ally in daily use.


2-year warranty

The battery is resistant to the vagaries of the weather and each weather station is guaranteed for 2 years.


GPS sensor

Each station has a GPS tracker to prevent possible risks of theft.


Up-to-date data

The data related to your station is updated in real time in the application


Multiple connectivity networks

Our stations transmit data via 4G and/or low-speed LoRa and Sigfox networks.


Low bandwidth network connection

The station sends data to the application thanks to its connection to the Sigfox and/or Lora' low bandwidth network, covering most white areas!


Reliability of the data

At Sencrop, a dedicated team works to guarantee reliable weather readings and continuous data transmission.

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Calculating the risk of water stress

With the Irricrop pack. Your water balance is calculated from the data collected by your sensors (rain, wet temperature, wind, irradiance, etc.). The thresholds can be adjusted according to the agronomic details you provide: crop, soil type, sowing date (growth stages), irrigation, etc. The balance can be calibrated at the start of the season (RU and RFU added).

🟩 Readily usable reserve (RFU): water is easily accessible by the plant, everything's fine!

🟨 Survival reserve (water stress): water is difficult for the plant to access, you are in water stress. Plan your next irrigation!



Irrigation appears to be an essential lever to meet global food demand

Sencrop now offers a solution for irrigation control: the Irricrop Pack, consisting of three stations.

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