Frost alert

Don't miss the key moment in protecting your crops: anticipate the risk of frost and activate your anti-frost measures at the right time. Be warned in time of a sudden drop in dry and wet temperatures.

Available from the weather PRO plan

SMS, email or telephone alert

Pre-set or personalised alert


How does the Sencrop Frost Alert work?

Pre-set frost alerts

Sencrop alerts are pre-set to activate as soon as the dry temperature < 2°c and wet temperature < 1°c, for 15min. You can also customise your own alert.

Frost alerts by sms and other

On the app, choose your preferred mode of notification so you don't miss the window for protecting your crops: SMS, phone call or Email.

Phone alarm

Reliable and ultra-local weather data

The data transmitted in the application comes from our high precision weather stations. For more locality, equip yourself with weather stations directly in your fields!


Get more out of frost forecasting

The frost alert is a powerful tool to be warned even at night of the danger and to know exactly when to act to protect your crop. It gives you greater peace of mind at this key time of the year. But it is also important to rely on the frost forecast to organise your frost control in advance.

Sencrop has developed a powerful frost risk forecasting tool: compare the weather forecasts of 5 different providers up to 4 days ahead, on expected minimum dry and wet temperatures.

You assess the forecasted risks, analyse the trends and make the best possible decision. With your sensors directly in the field, you are ready for an optimal frost risk forecast.


How does it work on the Sencrop app?

Sencrop evolves! This year in the app...

A wider vision around three important areas: Weather monitoring, Disease and pest monitoring and Irrigation monitoring


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How does it work on the Sencrop app?

The alarm can wake us up in the middle of the night and we can see the drop in temperature

we analyse the situation to know whether to turn on the anti-frost devices or not.

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