Raincrop Connected Rain Gauge

Raincrop – Sencrop’s connected rain gauge – gives you access to the reliable, ultra-local data precision agriculture requires.




Wet-bulb temperature

Dew point

Tripod included


How does the connected rainfall gauge work?

The Raincrop connected rain gauge is an ag-weather station that gives you real-time weather updates straight from your fields. Thanks to Sencrop’s mobile application, you can collect and analyse data from your stations and from other stations around you. That way, you can make informed, targeted decisions regarding your plots, protect your crops by anticipating risks and diseases, prioritise your actions and apply treatment at optimal times.

Protect your crops

Connect your DST

Daily planning

Accurate Data History

Know what to expect and plan your actions remotely by comparing your rainfall data history to other stations’.


Take advantage of ultra-local weather data collected right from your fields and access data from distant plots thanks to Sencrop’s network of ag-weather stations.

Customisable Alerts

Program your Sencrop application and create customised alerts (SMS or email notifications) based on your own everyday use and your crops’ needs.

Sophisticated Forecast

Use Sencrop’s 7-day forecast and decision-support tools to prevent diseases and risks and to time treatment application precisely.


A rain gauge that packs a punch

Raincrop connected rain gauges are designed to measure rainfall, temperature, humidity levels, wet-bulb and dew point temperature accurately straight from your plots. You can choose to use it by itself or to connect it with other stations installed in different fields to generate wind-related data, for instance.

Dual trough

Raincrop comes equipped with a dual-trough swivel system to measure cumulative rainfall accurately.


A bird-proof spike system prevents birds from perching on the station and causing false data.

Sigfox network

The Raincrop Rain Gauge antenna connects to the Sigfox Network, covering most of the national territory.

Triple sensor

Three temperature and humidity sensors are combined to deliver more reliable weather data and prevent measurements from drifting over time.

Connected rain gauge quick setup

Raincrop rainfall gauges are easy to set up: 15 minutes is all it takes to install them successfully.


The perks of a connected rain gauge

Raincrop connected rain gauges provide farmers with many technical benefits and help them organise their actions and make the right decisions.

Stand-alone station

Install one or several weather sensors in your fields. Set them up so they can collect data from the most useful locations.

Nomadic use

Use any device (computer, smartphone, tablet) to connect through the application.

GPS sensor

On-board motion detector to prevent the risk of theft.

Long-lasting battery

From 2 to 3 years on a single charge depending on climate.

Accurate data

The stations are tested to ensure the reliability of the data from the rain gauge, thermometer and hygrometer.

Up-to-date data

Access recent data, updated every 15 minutes.

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The most useful feature is the possibility to set up a perimeter,

so the app will tell you the temperature range between dates and the rainfall. It gives me a much better understanding of our local weather, our rainfall and the direction in which the temperature is going when I make drilling decisions.

Andrew Bott

North of London, near Stevenage

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There are often huge disparity about the rain in very short distances.

We can have 5mm of rain and 3-4 miles down the road, they may have nothing, so I like the facility to look all the weather stations in the locality.

Ben Cannon

Farmer - East Hertfordshire

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The most important thing for us is the rainfall statistics.

More important than anything else: how much rain we have had in real time, anytime. Summertime rainfall can be quite localized, so that’s when we need lots of weather stations. I am looking towards my second one, and I like to have stats from other people.

Roger Hobson

Carrot grower - Yorshire

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