Decision Support Tools (DST)

We work closely with agricultural Decision Support Tools (DST) to combine local data with agronomic decision models. How can this help farmers make better decisions, organise their actions, and reduce their inputs?

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Decision Support Tools for Tailored Advice

DSTs are often part of the offering farming groups provide for their farmers. A DST linked to a network of connected weather stations allows technical managers within the organisations to monitor members’ crops and to give tailored advice for each plot, even the most remote. They can also use it to prepare for a field visit.


What Does Sencrop Call a DST?

DST decision support tools and services allow users to analyse the situation and to adjust their actions or define their strategic choices. These algorithms complement the information provided by advisors and field observations and facilitate the integration of multiple data points. They rely on risk indicators and promote careful decision-making.



Why Connect my DST to Sencrop?

To Enrich my Agronomic Model

Aggregate real-time, accurate, local data. Data history is saved as soon as the stations are installed.

Connect with Farmers

Connecting to your DST through the application is a seamless process: users are one click away from your tool.

Data Linked to my DST Automatically

Data link is automatic, thanks to Sencrop’s API. Contact us to find out more.


The Benefits of Connecting a DST to My Sencrop App

Sencrop provides local data and the DST gives an in-depth interpretation: the final decision is in the hands of the farmer. They are extensively useful, from input application for fertilisation or the prevention of pests and diseases to precision irrigation, crop monitoring and more.


Trust experts who specialise in your type of crops

Combine the accuracy of Sencrop weather data with professional advice based on the crops you grow. Experts provide detailed insights on agronomic or strategic issues.


Reduce inputs and save money

Some DSTs indicate the best treatment window to spray chemicals based on ultra-local, accurate, real-time data gathered right from your plots.


Observe European regulations more effectively

Download data history and keep track of the weather conditions your previous decisions were based on. Identify the best spraying windows to mitigate your environmental impact.

How to connect my app to a DST?

Our DST Partners

Sencrop has built partnerships and opened its application to allow some of the most significant DSTs on the market to be installed seamlessly. Options include:



Pest and disease management for fruit and wine-growing



Disease and pest risk modeling tool.



fruitweb offers predictive models for diseases and pests in fruit growing


360 viti

Web platform for agronomic decision management in viticulture (by Fruition science)



Irrigation management for your vines and fruit trees

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