Databaum for mildew disease prediction

Databaum provides all the necessary informations for mildew disease management for grapevines. Get the notification much before the mildew lesions are visible with naked eyes. Farmer can set alerts and document all his farm activities.


Protect your grapevines from mildew attack

Databaum enables you to grow healthy grapevines through proper mildew disease management tools. Thanks to Databaum’s disease forecast realized with Sencrop’s data, farmers can schedule the best timing for pesticide applications and skip the unwanted ones.

Connect your Sencrop's data to Databaum from the app:

Connect my Sencrop data to Databaum


What functionalities does this DST offer?

Databaum help to grow healthy grapevines through proper mildew disease management tools.

Downy and Powdery mildew

disease prediction.

Weather forecast

Detailed information of microclimatic conditions

Set alerts and push notifications

for relevant information.

Comment connecter mes données Sencrop à cet OAD ?

Connect to partner's DST from our application. You must have an account created from the partner application for the connection to be made. Here are the steps to follow:

From your Sencrop account, access the DST space
Select the logo of the partner
Select the station you wish to integrate
The data of your stations goes in the partner application

Connect your data to the DST from the application :


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