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fruitweb offers numerous forecast models for important diseases and pests in fruit growing (e.g. scab, apple saw fly, fire blight, codling moth, sooty blotch etc.). Two different weather forecasts are included (yr.no, meteoblue).

Compatibility : Raincrop, Windcrop & Leafcrop

Cultures : apple, cherry


Make efficient crop protection easy

By linking your Sencrop weather station data to your fruitwebaccount, you make it easier to protect efficiently your fruit crops (apples and cherries).

Connect your Sencrop data to fruitweb from the app:


What features does this DST offer?

Fruitweb helps you to be up to date about pests and diseases in your orchard.

Apple scab

Get detailed information about ascospore maturation and releases and the severity of infection.


See what influence sprayings will have on the scab infection.


Get information about fireblight infections using an adapted Maryblight model.

Codling Moth

Simulation of two codling moth generations. See development of larvae, adults and pupae.

Apple saw fly

Get information about flight, egg laying and hatch of larvaes. Get recommendation for best spraying time.

Cherry leaf spot

Get information about the infections and disease development on sweet and sour cherries.

Sooty blotch

See disease development of sooty blotch on apples.

How do I connect my Sencrop data to this DST?

Connect to partner's DST from our application. You must have an account created from the partner application for the connection to be made. Here are the steps to follow:

From your Sencrop account, access the DST space
Select the logo of the partner
Select the station you wish to integrate
The data of your stations goes in the partner application

Connect your data to the DST from the application :