The frost forecast tool by Sencrop

Anticipate the risk of frost in the coming days with our frost forecast tool. We compare the minimum temperatures forecast by different weather forecasting models, to enable you to organise your anti-frost campaign as easily as possible.

Accessible from the PLUS plan

Comparison of minimum temperatures forecast

Anticipation of up to 4 days

A visibility of the risk of frost over 4 days

Weather forecasting is not an exact science, but the reliability of these forecasts can be decisive during a period of late frost risk. At Sencrop, we have bought together the most reliable forecasting models on the market in the same application.

Benefit from an advanced view of the risk of frost: compare the weather forecasts of 5 different suppliers on D+4, on expected minimum dry and wet temperatures, with advanced modelling. This option is available on the PLUS subscription plan.

This way you can analyse the trends, evaluate the forecasted risks and make the right decisions to organise your frost control much easily. With sensors in your field, you benefit from live ultra local weather readings and you are equiped for the optimal frost risk forecast!


Live frost alerts

The risk of frost is what allows you to organise your fight and the intensity of it. But knowing the exact moment when your crops are facing frost is what will save you money and time, because you will only activate your antifreeze systems at the right time.

For this purpose, the frost alert feature is also available in the Sencrop application: you are notified as soon as the dry temperature is below 2°c and the wet temperature below 1°c, for 15min. You can choose your preferred notification mode.

Phone alarm

The data transmitted in the application comes from our weather stations placed in the farmers' fields. For more locality, get your own weather station, directly in your plots!


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