Anticipate frost protection

Stay connected to the risk of frost on your crops with Raincrop and Leafcrop weather stations connected to the Sencrop app.

Anticipate the onset of frost

Activate your anti-freeze systems at the critical moment

Avoid losing your crops



How to anticipate the risk of frost with Sencrop?

Wet bulb temperature is the key measure to anticipate the risk of frost. Measure this temperature precisely with the Raincrop and Leafcrop connected weather stations and weather forecast models. On the app, the data is processed through different features to help you make the best decisions.


Frost alerts

Activate your pre-set frost alert or customise the parameters, based on the wet temperature collected by the stations. You will be notified by SMS, email or phone call of the risk of frost before it happens.

Learn more about frost alert system


Frost forecasting tool (Weather pro plan)

Get an in-depth view of the risk of frost: compare the weather forecasts of 5 different suppliers on D+4, on the expected minimum dry and wet temperatures, and analyse the trends that are emerging.

Learn more about the frost forecasting tool


Live Wet Temperature

From the homepage, you can find the wet temperature of your weather station. It shows you in real time the weather conditions of your plot (updated every 15 minutes).


Minimum temperature maps

Keep an eye on the minimum temperatures around your plots and follow the occurrence of frost live. This feature is available in the "maps" tab of your application.


Follow your live frost development

The alerts enable real-time monitoring of conditions conducive to the development of frost. Farmers are notified in real time, so they can react quickly and activate any anti-freeze systems they may have. This alert will be all the more accurate if it is based on readings from your own sensor, placed as close as possible to your buds.

Sencrop alerts are pre-set to go off as soon as the dry temperature is below 2°c and the wet temperature is below 1°c, for 15 minutes. It is also possible to customise them.

Phone alarm


A visibility of the risk of frost over 4 days

Weather forecasting is not an exact science, but the reliability of these forecasts can be decisive during a period of late frost risk. At Sencrop, we have bought together the most reliable forecasting models on the market in the same application.

Benefit from an advanced view of the risk of frost: compare the weather forecasts of 5 different suppliers on D+4, on expected minimum dry and wet temperatures, with advanced modelling. This option is available on the PLUS subscription plan.

This way you can analyse the trends, evaluate the forecasted risks and make the right decisions to organise your frost control much easily. With sensors in your field, you benefit from live ultra local weather readings and you are equiped for the optimal frost risk forecast!


How does it work on the Sencrop app?

Sencrop evolves! This year in the app...

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How does it work on the Sencrop app?

The alarm can wake us up in the middle of the night and we can see the drop in temperature

we analyse the situation to know whether to turn on the anti-frost devices or not.

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