The hygrometer-thermometer Thermocrop

Thermocrop can be placed in the heart of the vegetation to monitor the risk of frost at a lower cost, or to monitor the weather conditions of your crops under cover.

Dry and wet temperatures


Dew point


How does the Thermocrop works?

The hygrometer thermometer is a mobile device that can be placed in the heart of your crop and sends the data directly to the application. It helps you anticipate the risk of frost so you can activate your frost control systems at the right time, or monitor the weather conditions of your crops under cover.

Anticipate frost

Suitable for crops grown under cover

Measure at the heart of your crops


Live readings and history

Receive thermometer and hygrometer readings in real-time on the Sencrop app, and view historical data to anticipate and plan your actions.


Temperature alert

Receive an alert so you can be warned as soon as the weather reaches the forecast stage. You'll be notified by text message, email, or phone call. Frost alert, overheating alert...


Keeping a cool head with the Thermocrop

Install the thermometer in the heart of your vineyards or orchards to monitor the drop in dry and wet temperatures, or in your greenhouses for crops grown under cover.

Mobile sensor

Position the sensor at bud level (frost-sensitive elements) and receive an alert before frost sets in on your crops.


The shelter helps to keep the air fresh, without compromising the readings. It mainly protects against bad weather and insects.

The electronic box

It should be positioned as high as possible and outside the foliage, to ensure good network reception.

Triple sensor

Three temperature and humidity sensors are combined to deliver more reliable weather data and prevent measurements from drifting over time.


Quick installation of the Thermocrop

It couldn't be simpler: place the hygrometer in the heart of your vegetation to monitor the data at the point of greatest risk.


A reliable sensor

The hygrometer thermometer is an essential tool for measuring frost in vineyards and arboriculture.


5/7 customer service

Our teams are at your disposal for any questions or problems you may have, whatever your subscription plan!


Reliable data

Abnormal values are detected by the triple sensors and then discarded, for even greater reliability.


Regularly updated data

Data relating to your station is recorded in real time and transmitted every 15 to 20 minutes.


2-year warranty

The battery is resistant to the vagaries of the weather and each weather station is guaranteed for 2 years.


Multiple connectivity networks

Our stations transmit data via 4G and/or low-speed LoRa and Sigfox networks.


GPS sensor

Each station has a GPS tracker to prevent possible risks of theft.

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The alarm can wake us up in the middle of the night and we can see the drop in temperature

we analyse the situation to know whether to turn on the anti-frost devices or not.

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2-year warranty

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