Farms: collaborative network of weather stations

Farming groups, buying groups, agronomists... Sencrop offers farms the opportunity to create their own network of professional weather stations. What are the benefits?

Greater collaboration : gather your members around an innovative service

Analyse global and local territorial weather data

Provide targeted advice



What is a collaborative weather network?

A collaborative or private weather network at Sencrop refers to a grouping of agro-meteorological stations in a specific area. Every member of this network, whether they are farm managers, advisors or farmers, have access to the Sencrop application and therefore to precision weather data. Each network is managed, personalised and named by the farm.

Unite your staff around an innovative service

The main benefit in creating a private network is allowing the network manager to create a community of farmers around local weather data and thus helping them in their decision making and daily organisation, using the same information. Everyone has access to the weather data from the network stations, for a more collaborative approach.

It is also a way of increasing the level of services offered through the installation of precise measuring tools, giving access to ag-weather services that can be used remotely. This is also an argument for encouraging members to use a decision-support tool.

Finally, it is sometimes tricky to learn how to use a new tool in an already over-equipped sector. At Sencrop, we have developed an application that our users describe as intuitive and easy to use on a daily basis. It helps your members to digitalise their practices.


Analyse territorial weather data accurately at a global and local level

The data collected on the various plots by the agricultural weather stations allows you to consult the past, present and future weather conditions within a given territory. The information collected is used by farmers at a local level, and provides a global view of the territory and its meteorological evolution for managers and advisors, providing a benefit to all.

For a more in-depth overview we have developed an advanced weather analysis tool: Sencrop Analytics, which allows groups to evaluate their data on a much more intricate level.

Sencrop Analytics allows network managers and advisors to generate large data exports or territorial maps on precise data. The information can provide multiple uses: anticipation of growth stages, needs in nitrogen inputs, risks of diseases, localised weather events... 


Provide precise and adapted advice

Thanks to the precision weather data collected by our stations, agricultural advisors can provide their farmers with personalised advice, adapted to their specific needs:

Daily ag-weather data updates straight from the fields
Access to data history and to the weather forecast
Stations seamlessly connected to decision support tools

Thanks to this advice, farmers can rationalise chemical treatments, make savings, prevent diseases, the risk of frost and optimise their yield per plot.


Develop your weather network. Sencrop can help you!

Because it is often complex to get all the employees on board when setting up a new service, we have created a complete welcome kit to support you:

Help with the creation of the network by a dedicated sales representative
Step-by-step training on the app by the customer service team
Free and personalised communication kit is available
The option to test the application free of charge
Simplified invitation process in the application




of Sencrop stations are part of a private network

Follow the weather data of your group more precisely.


private networks in operation

These farming businesses entrust us with monitoring their weather networks.



are connected to the same station on average.

Sencrop is above all a collaborative weather service.

Over 300 farming groups put their trust in us


Birds Eye

Located in Humberside More than 50 stations


AF Group

Located in East Anglia and Humberside Already more than 20 stations


Fram farmers

Located in East Anglia Already more than 30 stations


Southern Farmers

Located in South East Already 3 stations



Located in Lancashire, Severn and Manchester regions. More than 25 stations


Affinity Water

Located in Essex region More than 20 stations



Located in East Anglia More than 5 stations



Located in East Anglia and South Already 6 stations

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We wanted to create added value thanks to a grid of weather stations,

so that everyone could have access to reliable, collaborative weather data. All technicians are equipped to monitor data within their own area and can connect with the farmers.

Coopérative C.A.P. Faye (79)

Grain crops

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We created this network to have reliable and accurate weather reports over the area

and give members more acute prescriptions and recommendations based on their sector.

Coopérative Terre Atlantique (17)

Grain crops

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The request for a network came from some of our members who were developing an interest in smart objects and weather stations.

To start mapping out our grid, we first implemented 15 stations. We now have 50 and hope to equip every farmer in the future.

Coopérative Val de Gascogne (32)

Organic grain crops

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