Irrigation management

Manage the water stress and water needs of your plots with the Irricrop pack, including 3 precision weather stations and the Irrigation plan subscription.

Optimise your water resources

Plan your water turns upstream

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Managing irrigation and water stress with Sencrop

Knowing the water status of your plots is essential to define the water needs of your crops according to the phenological stage of your crop and your crop management. This allows you to adjust your irrigation systems at any time. Enter your soil type and crop type to obtain daily monitoring and a 5-day forecast of your soil's water reserve in each of your plots.

Various features will help you make the best decision:


Evapotranspiration (ETP)

The evapotranspiration of your crop is what the plant and the soil lose in water (soil evaporation + plant transpiration). It allows you to know the amount of water needed for the plants for optimal development and is calculated according to temperature, humidity, wind and irradiance.


Water balance and forecasts

Follow the state of the water reserve of your plots, according to the specific water needs of your crop and the natural contributions by rainfall or irrigation. Thanks to water forecasts, anticipate irrigation needs. Set up multiple water balances with the same station pack.


Growth stages

The decision on when to irrigate depends on the development stage of your plant. Indeed, the needs change throughout the season! Find in the application a predictive indicator of the development of your crops: emergence, flowering, harvesting... These indicators are defined according to your type of crop and the growing degree days.

Learn more about crop growth


Decision Support Tools (DST)

Link your weather data to your DST for irrigation management. Benefit from personalised monitoring, according to your readings, and make your decisions based on the advice of trusted market players.

Learn more about DST


I use the Irricrop pack to control my irrigation

Droughts are becoming more frequent and more intense. This year, I've installed the Irricrop pack to control my irrigation more precisely.



The application sends me an alert: my plots are under water stress and the rainfall forecasts don't predict any rain in the next few days.



The sun is at its zenith: evapotranspiration is at its maximum. I decide to irrigate at the end of the day.



I check the water balance of my plots to find out how much water they need and activate my irrigation system.



I enter the amount of water used in the application: the water balance turns green again. Thanks to the 5-day forecasts, I can plan my operations and reduce my consumption.


How does it work on the Sencrop app?

The app envlolves: discover what will come this year in the App

A wider vision around three main areas : weather monitoring, disease and pest monitoring and irrigation monitoring


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