The Soilcrop capacitive probe

Soilcrop allows you to monitor the moisture and temperature of your soil directly, so you can irrigate at the right time!

Soil moisture

Soil temperature


How does the capacitive sensor work in the application?

Soilcrop is one of the 2 solutions offered by Sencrop for anticipating irrigation needs in your fields. Follow the readings live or ask for the irrigation module, for complete monitoring of water stress.

Anticipate your soil's water requirements

Raw data and water reserve graph


Regular readings

Follow the data for the different depths of your soil from the "stations" tab. The data is transmitted in real-time and updated every hour in the application.


Irrigation module

Track changes in average soil moisture on a graph and easily identify the risk of water stress. Available in the "irrigation module".


Water stress alerts

With the irrigation module, your Sencrop application notifies you as soon as your soil's water reserves reach a critical stage.


Soil type

Calibrating your water balance depends on your knowledge of your soil type. Carry out a soil analysis, or enter your soil type directly into the application.


A down to earth soil probe

The Soilcrop capacitive probe is designed to provide you with the water status of the soil at 4 depths: 10 cm, 20 cm, 40 cm, and 60 cm. By monitoring soil moisture and temperature directly, you can program your irrigations according to the real needs of your soil.

Measuring humidity and temperature

Monitor the moisture content and evapotranspiration of your soil.

Regular data transmission

Data sent from the sensor is updated every hour to help you make the right decisions.

4 sensors

Analyse the water status of your soil at 4 different depths (10, 20, 40, and 60 cm).

Telecommunication mode

The sensors communicate only via 4G.


Installing Soilcrop

The Soilcrop is a soil sensor to be installed in an area where the type of soil, crop and practices are representative of your plots.


A reliable capacitive probe

The Soilcrop capacitive probe is an essential measurement tool for your irrigation.


5/7 customer service

Our teams are at your disposal for any questions or problems you may have, whatever your subscription plan!


Multiple connectivity networks

Our stations transmit data via 4G and/or low-speed LoRa and Sigfox networks.


GPS sensor

Each station has a GPS tracker to prevent possible risks of theft.


2-year warranty

The battery is resistant to the vagaries of the weather and each weather station is guaranteed for 2 years.


Reliable data

Abnormal values are detected by the triple sensors and then discarded, for even greater reliability.


Up-to-date data

The data related to your station is updated in real time in the application

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2-year warranty

Easy setup

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