Sencrop, Smart Agriculture to Support Framers

Our mission: helping farmers make better everyday decisions for a more comfortable approach to work, better yield, and more control over their environmental impact.


Step into the Era of Smart Agriculture

Farmers used to have to tour their crops every day and tended to spray systematically to avoid diseases. The cost of such operations (money, time, and environmental impact) was high.

We have now entered the era of smart agriculture. Set up in the fields, our weather stations provide reliable, accurate, ultra-local data remotely. This data gives farmers their decision-making power back. It streamlines their daily tasks, rationalises the management of chemical inputs, helps them care for their crops and boosts their productivity.


Major Milestones


Creation of Sencrop

1st cooperative partner: Unéal 1st fundraising event raises €1.4M Shareholders: Demeter and Breega


SIMA Innovation Awards

1,645 agricultural data points Dedicated vendors in the Netherlands


Dedicated sales in the UK and in Spain

3,422 stations sold 2nd cooperative partner: Chambre d’agriculture d’Île-de-France


SIVAL silver medal for the Leafcrop

2nd fundraising event: $10M Shareholders: BPI France, the Yield lab Offices in Cambridge (UK) Launch of the private networks


Takeover of Visio Green agriculture

+13,000 agricultural data points 75+ employees and new facilities Dedicated vendors in Germany


Two Paths, One Story

In the beginning, there were two distinct paths, which merged into one story. These paths are Martin Ducroquet’s and Michael Bruniaux’s.

The former is the son of a grain grower, business school graduate and connected devices enthusiast. The latter is a computer engineer who loves anything tech. Their paths crossed at the heart of EuraTechnologies’ innovation hub. Their discussions led to the creation of Sencrop in 2016. The startup designs connected weather stations for farmers.


These Organisations that Support Us

In January 2019, Sencrop raised $10 million through the French programme Investissements d’Avenir. The following participants contributed to the event:


An investment bank that funds companies at every stage of their development.


A major provider of investment capital in favour of the ecological and energy transition.


An investment fund dedicated to financing startups of the digital economy.

The Yield Lab

A North American Fund for innovative and disruptive AgTech startups.

NCI WaterStart

A one-of-a-kind accelerator that supports startup projects.

Nord Capital Partenaires

Leaders in investment capital in the Hauts-de-France region in the North of France.



in the service of farmers



where we have a presence



AgTech partners



spoken by our customer service

United, Complementary Teams

Behind the scenes at Sencrop, our united, complementary teams work hand in hand to provide the best experience for the farmers who use our products. We invest all our energy into designing, manufacturing, and providing high-quality products in which our clients can find value and support for their everyday needs.

Customer Happiness Team

The strength of our customer service resides in a powerful force: availability, responsiveness, accessibility (interactions in English, French, German, Dutch or Spanish).

Hardware / R&D team

Our R&D team – which develops all our stations in house – often receives awards for their unquestionable capacity for innovation and understanding of agricultural issues.

Data team

Since data is at the heart of our project, our team guarantees the reliability and custom nature of the data collected and transmitted through our stations.

Software / product team

Connected to our stations, our application was designed to be accessible to all and to adapt to the individual needs of the farmers who use it, regardless of their activities.

Join Sencrop!

From our Cambridge office in UK or within the head office in Lille, join a team passionate about innovation and environment, whose daily work has a positive impact on the activity of several thousand people around the world.

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