Leafcrop wetness sensor

The Leafcrop wetness sensor is a piece of precision equipment that provides all the data fruit growers need.


Air temperature


Wet-bulb temperature

Dew point


How Does the Wetness Sensor Work?

Moisture sensors allow farmers and fruit growers to collect accurate, reliable data right from the heart of their groves. Access this data directly from the application to help you take action against diseases (mildew, powdery mildew, scab…), to spray at the best time and to prevent the risk of frost thanks to a customisable alarm system.

Protect your crops

Access reliable DSTs

Access reliable DSTs


Clear Data History

Your moisture sensor sends you real-time measurements through the Sencrop application. You can also use the app to access your data history and anticipate your actions.



Set up your own sensor between the leaves of your trees to receive ultra-local data. Combine this information with network data for even more accurate and reliable measurements.


Customised Alerts

Customise the Sencrop application to receive data that is relevant to your everyday use. You can also configure alerts (SMS, email or notifications) to plan your actions in case of freezing temperatures.


Optimised Forecasting

Connect your application to decision support tools such as Rimpo or the NIAB irrigation scheduling system to anticipate risks and diseases and make the right calls.


High-Accuracy Wetness Sensor

2019 SIVAL SILVER Medal winner, the Leafcrop sensor belongs at the heart of your orchards and vineyards. Designed to address leaf-related issues, it helps you prevent foliar diseases and make the right call when the temperatures freeze. That’s what makes it such an invaluable tool for precision fruit tree cultivation.

Leaf imitation

To optimise data collection, the wetness sensor simulates the natural characteristics of a leaf (visual appearance, curvature, texture, etc.).

Accurate measurements

Place your moisture sensor at the heart of the foliage, wherever your plot presents the highest risks. Monitor the data before it reaches critical levels.

On-the go sensor

Place your sensor near the frost-sensitive buds and you’ll be alerted before it starts to affect the leaf.

Triple sensor

Three temperature and humidity sensors are combined to deliver more reliable weather data and prevent measurements from drifting over time.

Sigfox Network

The antenna is connected to the low power wide area network Sigfox. This avoids data disruption even in dead zones.

Regular updates

The data sent by the wetness sensor is updated every 15 minutes to help you make the right decisions. Data is recorded on a continuous basis and you receive the average value.


Leaf wetness quick cleaning

Leafcrop sensor is important to clean for accurate data, every month. You only need a dry and wet cloth and 10min of your time.


The Benefits of a Wetness Sensor

The Leafcrop moisture sensor is a must-have tool for fruit tree growers. What are its perks?


Stand-alone station

Install one or several weather sensors in your fields. Set them up so they can collect data from the most useful locations.


GPS sensor

On-board motion detector to prevent the risk of theft.


Nomadic use

Use any device (computer, smartphone, tablet) to connect through the application.


Long-lasting battery

From 2 to 3 years on a single charge depending on climate.


Accurate data

The stations are tested to ensure the reliability of the data from the rain gauge, thermometer and hygrometer.


Up-to-date data

Access recent data, updated every 15 minutes.

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Jonathan Lukies


I’ve put up one alert when I first got the station. It will come back next spring for our cherry trees for frost.

If it gets below 4°C, with a high humidity on the leaf, it sends me an alarm and we can do something about it like putting a frost buster on it and get the temperature up a bit around the cherry trees.

Jonathan Lukies


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