Agricolus x Sencrop

The complete platform to manage your farm efficiently with innovative technologies. Agricolus now adds the possibility to connect your local Sencrop weather data to the platform!

Compatibility: Raincrop, Windcrop, Leafcrop

Crop: all


Making agritech sustainable

Agricolus is a platform that uses precision agriculture and puts new digital tools at your disposal to get the best out of your crops. The Agritech platform created by Agricolus simplifies and improves the field work of farmers and operators in the sector to achieve both economic and environmental sustainability. The Agricolus website and app monitor your fields and give you real-time information on what is happening in your crops.

Connect your Sencrop data to Agricolus from the app :


Which features does this DST offer

Innovative technologies for agriculture, all available in a single platform!

Field Mapping

GIS systems allow to map fields and geolocate all the information

Satellite imagery

Satellite imagery allows to efficiently monitor crops remotely by computer

Forecast model

Forecast models provide an efficient support for preventing pest and diseases

Decision Support System - DSS

Decision Support Systems (DSS) suggest to farmers the best actions to be carried out


Sensors for agriculture allow to detect very important data on crops health

Precision farming

Precision agriculture allows to carry out targeted crop operations thanks to innovative tools

How do I connect my Sencrop data to this DST?

Connect to partner's DST from our application. You must have an account created from the partner application for the connection to be made. Here are the steps to follow:

From your Sencrop account, access the DST space
Select the logo of the partner
Select the station you wish to integrate
The data of your stations goes in the partner application

Connect your data to the DST from the application :