Control your irrigation with precision

What are your plants' water requirements? Identify the best time to trigger your irrigation with one of the 2 Sencrop solutions and the Irrigation module (Agri option).

Monitor the weather in your fields live

Identify the risks of water stress

Schedule your irrigations at the best time

Optimise your water resources



Know when to trigger your irrigation

Knowing your plants' water requirements is essential for defining when they are at risk of water stress, so you can activate your irrigation at the right time and in the right quantity. With Sencrop and its Irrigation module, you can monitor your soil's water reserves daily, based on your local weather readings.


Water balance and ETP

With the Irricrop pack, you can monitor evapotranspiration (what the plant and soil lose in water) and the water balance in one or more crops. Identify the risk of water stress and anticipate irrigation requirements up to 5 days in advance. The water balance is calculated using data from your stations.


Soil moisture

With the Soilcrop capacitive probe and the irrigation option, you can monitor the temperature and humidity of your soil at 4 different depths, in real time. Identify when you are entering water stress with the soil moisture graph. The balance is measured directly from your soil.


Crop and soil calibration

The reliability of your water stress monitoring graph depends on the calibration you carry out at the start of the season. Crop, soil type, sowing date... Enter this information as accurately as possible. A soil survey may be useful for even greater reliability.


Decision Support Tools (DST)

Link your weather data to your DST for irrigation management. Benefit from personalised monitoring, according to your readings, and make your decisions based on the advice of trusted market players.

Learn more about DST


Calculating the risk of water stress

With the Irricrop pack. Your water balance is calculated from the data collected by your sensors (rain, wet temperature, wind, irradiance, etc.). The thresholds can be adjusted according to the agronomic details you provide: crop, soil type, sowing date (growth stages), irrigation, etc. The balance can be calibrated at the start of the season (RU and RFU added).

🟩 Readily usable reserve (RFU): water is easily accessible by the plant, everything's fine!

🟨 Survival reserve (water stress): water is difficult for the plant to access, you are in water stress. Plan your next irrigation!



Measure your soil's water requirements

With the Soilcrop station. Your graph is fed by measurements from the sensor in your field.Thresholds adapt according to the agronomic details you provide: soil type, crop, sowing date (growth stages), irrigation... Thresholds can be customised.

🟦 Saturation (RU max): water is no longer retained by the soil (runoff, drainage)

🟩 Water comfort (RFU): water is easily accessible by the plant.

🟨 Vigilance (water stress): water is difficult for the plant to access; you are now in water stress. Plan your next irrigation!

🟥 Extreme water stress (HPF): water is no longer sufficiently available to the plant.

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How does it work on the Sencrop app?

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