Psychrometer, frost risk indicator

The psychrometer is a tool that predicts the risk of overnight frosts. It allows the user to identify the risk of frost by measuring the dry and wet bulb temperatures at sundown. Sencrop has integrated this device into its application to help you activate your anti-frost measures at the right time.

Measurements required: Dry and wet bulb temperatures

Crops: Viticulture and arboriculture

Availability: Plus plan


A tool that predicts the risk of overnight frosts

Spring frosts are difficult to predict, especially at night. They can devastate many farms, especially vineyards and fruit trees. The psychrometer is a device that allows you to visualise whether or not there is a risk of frost for the following night (five-day forecast). The device displays a chart based on the dry and wet bulb temperatures at sundown. Once these have been recorded in the chart, a frost risk assessment is given for the following night. Historically, the psychrometer was a manual tool consisting of two thermometers. Sencrop has digitalised this tool to allow it to be used remotely.

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What are its uses in the world of agriculture?

Thanks to the weather forecasts given by your stations, you can maintain control so as to efficiently combat frost.

The psychrometer is therefore one more ally to predict the appearance of frost, so that you can activate your anti-frost systems at the right time.

The measures that are carried out on the farm will have a greater impact if the station is placed on specific plots whose level of exposure is known.


How does this device work in the application?

Sencrop integrates this device into its application and allows you to directly visualise the psychrometer’s results as a function of your local readings, together with a five-day forecast. It should be used in the absence of wind, because the psychrometer does not predict advective frosts (triggered by the passage of a mass of cold air). You will find three indicators, depending on the calculated risk:



The risk of frost is expected to be high on the day indicated. Activate your frost protection systems if you want to protect your crops!



The expected risk of frost on the day indicated is uncertain. Plan to activate your anti-frost systems if necessary.



The risk of frost expected on the day indicated is unlikely. Save your anti-frost systems for the next fight!

How to use the psychrometer in the app?

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