Live rain radar

On the Sencrop application, visualise in real time the progress of showers and their level of intensity to help organise your farming operations. Optimise your movements on the plots and define your best intervention window!

Live radar for rain, snow and hail

Anticipation up to 2 hours

Accuracy per Km²


A live animated map of rainfall

Rain is the most observed data for agriculture professionals. On the Sencrop application, follow the evolution of agro-meteorological conditions on your plots and organise your interventions as close as possible to reality. The radar is accessible on the Sencrop application, from a mobile, a computer or a tablet.


Resolution per Km²

With an accuracy per square kilometre, you know exactly what is expected in the next few hours in your area and on your plot of land. So you can act with complete peace of mind. Benefit from both a global and ultra-local vision of the weather risks to come.


Animation at ± 2h

The rain radar shows you the real time, but also past and future movements of rain, thunderstorm, hail and snow masses. You thus have a view of the plot, ± 2 hours from the current moment. Images are updated every 5 minutes. So you can be sure to follow when rain is due to arrive.


Risks of rain, snow and hail

Follow the movements of rain, snow or hail thanks to a coloured animation that simulates the movement of these masses on a map. Differentiate between them at a glance thanks to different colors: in blue, it's rain and in red, it's snow / hail. It's simple: the more intense it is, the darker the colour!

Comment consulter le radar ?

Try the rain radar for free

The rain radar is free during the trial period. Create your profile, connect to a Sencrop station near you and enjoy a 15-day free trial, with no obligation to buy.

Find the best weather window for your harvest

It's 6am, you've just woken up and you know that today is normally the ideal day to start harvesting on your remote fields. However, a rainy spell is forecast for the end of the day! What is the best time of day to go harvesting and avoid the rain? Will it rain within the hour? Watch the rain radar for a visualisation of the weather conditions in the next 2 hours and over the last 2 hours and work with peace of mind. You can also activate a rainfall alert, to be warned as soon as the rainfall accumulation reaches a critical level. Receive the alert by:

Phone alarm

Take your weather forecasting a step further

While rain radar is a powerful tool to get a reliable picture of the rainfall at a specific time, it is also important to rely on weather forecasts for organisation up to 7 days in advance. Sencrop allows you to compare weather forecasts from 6 different providers, and lets you choose the one you trust the most according to your geographical area.

With your connected rain gauge, you get even more accurate weather data on temperature, rainfall, humidity or dew point. For example, you can calculate rainfall totals so that you can plan your next treatment session under optimum conditions.

You have all the information at your fingertips to make the decision to intervene at the best time for your crops!



At harvest time, I like your radar!

You can see the clouds coming and you have a 3-hour forecast, which is great! We say to ourselves do we still have half an hour or not?


Polyculture in Chouy (France)

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It’s very difficult sometimes to manufacture the logistic particularly on harvest time. That’s why the rain radar is so useful.

I like the facility to look all the weather stations in the locality, because there are often huge disparity about the rain in very short distances.

Ben Cannon

East Hertfordshire

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