The Sencrop Network

Sencrop has the largest ag-weather data network in Europe: there’s always a station near you!



Sencrop Network: The Benefits

Local and Global Insights

If you wish, each one of your stations can be integrated within the Sencrop network. This gives you both a local and a global understanding of ag-weather conditions.

Data Community

Keep an eye on the weather data in your area. Thanks to a strong farmer community, you can anticipate and plan your crop tour management more efficiently.

Maximum Responsiveness

Keep yourself updated on meteorological events thanks to configurable alerts (frost alert, cumulated rainfall, …) to plan your actions and react more effectively.

Sencrop Network: How it Works

Every farmer has access to the data collected by their own stations. Thanks to the collaborative network, they can peruse weather data from any station throughout the territory to better anticipate their actions.

Data comparison (reliability)

Anticipate weather events

Area-specific advice and analyses


Anticipate Weather Conditions

Always stay one step ahead: the Sencrop network gives you access to ag-weather data stations in your area. Use it to anticipate weather events and plan your actions.


Compare your Data

Thanks to the Sencrop network, you integrate a farming community and you can compare your past and current weather data with the rest of the area for greater reliability.


Enjoy Individual Advice

Sencrop’s partnering decision support tools are connected to the network to bring you information gathered from experts in agronomy. Enjoy individual advice based on the data in your own area.


Greater Efficiency

Thanks to its reliable grid and collected data, the Sencrop network helps you achieve better yields, more transparency and to save money.

Create your Own Private Network!

Are you part of a farming group wishing to set up its own network of connected members?



stations installed in the world

Consult weather data from one station or more in the network.


private networks in operation

These farming businesses entrust us with monitoring their weather networks.



of Sencrop stations are part of a private network

Follow the weather data of your group more precisely.

They created their own networks with Sencrop

Want to join or create your own community? Contact your technical sales advisor or your farming group advisor to set up or join their network of stations.


Affinity Water

Located in Essex region More than 20 stations


AF Group

Located in East Anglia and Humberside Already more than 20 stations


Birds Eye

Located in Humberside More than 50 stations


Fram farmers

Located in East Anglia Already more than 30 stations



Located in Lancashire, Severn and Manchester regions. More than 25 stations



Located in East Anglia and South Already 6 stations



Located in East Anglia More than 5 stations

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