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Thanks to the wind-related data provided by the Windcrop connected wind gauge, you can apply treatment your crops at the ideal time and optimise your inputs in compliance with UK recommendations.

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How does the Connected Wind Gauge Work?

The Windcrop connected wind gauge promotes precise, efficient farming practices, in compliance with UK recommendations. It provides farmers with reliable and ultra-local ag-weather data, including wind speed, direction and gusts. This information is crucial to plan your agrochemical product spraying sessions. Make the right decisions at the right time.

Protect your crops

Access reliable DSTs

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Take advantage of ultra-local weather data collected right from your fields and access data from distant plots thanks to Sencrop’s network of ag-weather stations.


Clear Data History

The connected wind anemometer collects and transmits data in real time, creating reliable data history. Keep track of the conditions surrounding your actions.


Customised Alerts

Program your Sencrop application to create customised alerts (via SMS, email or notifications) based on your everyday use and the specific needs of your crops.


Connect with DSTs

Together with Sencrop’s application, DST help you detect risks and define priorities for your decisions. Streamline your actions against diseases.


An anemometer with the wind in its sails!

The Windcrop connected wind gauge provides precision readings taken right from your plots. It is designed for easy setup, even on those hillsides where the wind rages. The data collected (wind speed and direction, gusts) helps you plan sprayings based on favourable weather conditions.

Independent sensor

Designed to operate independently from other Sencrop sensors for precise, obstacle-free readings.


Pointed North thanks to its compass, it picks up on trends in prevailing winds reliably and helps you anticipate climate events.

Sigfox and LoRa networks

The connected Windcrop antenna connects to the low speed networks of Sigfox and LoRa, covering most of the national territory.

Regular updates

The data sent from the sensor is updated every 20 minutes so you can make informed decisions. Every piece of data is recorded, and you receive the average.


Connected wind gauge quick setup

There’s nothing easier than setting up a Windcrop: all you need is 15 minutes and the device is ready to go.


Benefits of the Sencrop wind gauge

There are many benefits to using a Windcrop connected wind gauge in your fields. What are these perks?


5/7 customer service

Our teams are at your disposal for any questions or problems you may have, whatever your subscription plan!


Multiple connectivity networks

Our stations transmit data via 4G and/or low-speed LoRa and Sigfox networks.


2-year warranty

The battery is resistant to the vagaries of the weather and each weather station is guaranteed for 2 years.


Reliable data

Abnormal values are detected by the triple sensors and then discarded, for even greater reliability.


Regularly updated data

Data relating to your station is recorded in real time and transmitted every 15 to 20 minutes.


GPS sensor

Each station has a GPS tracker to prevent possible risks of theft.

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The real time wind measure is important to make sure we are not spraying when it becomes to windy.

As if we spray in the wind the spray drifts and does not hit the crop as effectively as it needs too. With the Sencrop we have set it to alert us so we can stop the sprayer driver, then we don’t have to do the same job twice.

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2-year warranty

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