Case Study: Potato crops

Treat crops with greater local precision

Reduce the amount of back and forth trips you make to spray your crops; offset treatments by several days if necessary: local data relayed from your station in real time are invaluable for deciding how to treat crops when risk factors for disease are present.

  • Connect your treatment triggers to ultralocal information
  • Make good agronomic decisions at just the right time
  • Get your own mobile station at a very affordable price

Prevent blight and other diseases

Blight growth is stimulated by successive periods of warm weather and high humidity. Water on potato leaves prompts blight zoospores to germinate and causes plants to become infected.

Sencrop enables you to anticipate and program a system of simple alerts. For example, you can set up SMS warnings to inform you when the temperature climbs above 20°C and the humidity threshold surpasses 87%.

Link Sencrop to Mileos® in one click

Mileos® is a decision-making tool that makes it possible to know the risk of your fields being infected by blight at any time, based on weather forecasts, crop varieties, planting and sprouting dates, overall health statuses and previous actions taken (treatments and irrigation, etc.).

Sencrop and Arvalis enable you to connect your station’s ultralocal data to Mileos® free of charge.

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In the words of a Sencropper

Paul-Henri, farm operator, Outarville - Loriet, France

“What’s smart about this device is that because it monitors temperature and humidity, I can be 25 kilometers away, doing business with clients, or travelling abroad, and I am still able to send information to my employees and say: “Look, it hasn’t rained. Can you go spray crop protection in a certain field.” It means I don’t always have to be on-site. It saves me from making 50-kilometer round trips in the car."