Grape Vine Diseases: Case Study

The weather plays a crucial part in the health of grape vines. Sencrop helps you anticipate risks whether your plots are non-adjacent, very large or distant.

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Grape Vine Diseases and Risks

Grape vines are particularly sensitive to weather conditions. Several key factors (rain, humidity, and temperature) impact the development of diseases, affecting grape quality and yield.



Freezing temperatures are detrimental to grape vines to varying degrees, with consequences ranging all the way to the death of the stock.


Downy Mildew

Mildew is a fungal disease that can be disastrous for the vines. Its appearance is favoured by the succession of hot periods with high humidity.


Powdery Mildew

Erysiphe necator is a grape vine disease with fearful consequences, both in terms of quality and yield. Its development is insidious.


Grey Rot (Botrytis cinerea)

Grape vine botrytis – or grey mould – is a fungal disease which affects almost every part of the plant. High humidity coupled with strong winds fosters its development.



Leafhoppers, cochylis and Lobesia botrana are dreaded pests that can cause considerable damage to grape crops.


Treatment of Grape Vine Diseases

Agrochemical treatment helps to prevent grape vine diseases. Product application should be made with weather conditions in mind. This guarantees maximum efficiency and lessens potential run-offs outside of your plot (washout). Sencrop gives you access to accurate, reliable weather data to help you decide on the best window for treatment.

Washout: Definition and Risks

Washout refers to protective agents being washed off the grape vines and carried away towards the ground, thus reducing their effect.

This phenomenon causes the products to be less effective and makes grape vines more susceptible to disease.

Sencrop gives you access to ultra-local weather forecast data through a convenient display to let you determine the best treatment window. Using a DST (such as RIMpro) also helps you optimise your actions.


Preventing the Risk of Washout

Being able to visualise the precise weather conditions prior to spraying is essential. Necessary information includes rainfall, wetness duration, temperature…

Access to historical and current data as well as forecast, all scaled down to fit your plot, is the winning combination to optimise treatment thresholds and anticipate risks. For instance, 20 mm of precipitation is a generally accepted threshold to take action.

Sencrop indicators provide accurate, reliable measurements to help you determine the best treatment windows, to make the most of the technical decisions regarding your farm, and to spray less often, thus reducing costs.


Creating a Sencrop Alert

How can you anticipate weather conditions to determine ideal treatment windows and prevent washout? By using Sencrop’s warning system!

Our indicators allow you to set up alerts when a given number of meteorological conditions come together. For instance, you can be notified whenever temperature and humidity levels measured on your plots exceed or fall below values you can set yourself.

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Decision Support Tools

Sencrop’s solutions are compatible with decision support tools developed specifically for grape vine cultivation. Use the application to combine your data with the following tools:

Irrigation scheduling system.
Pest and disease management for fruit and wine-growing



loss in winegrowing production

This loss of production is mostly imputable to freezing temperatures throughout Europe in 2019. Activate alerts to engage your frost protection system (sprinkling, anti-frost candles, etc.) at the right moment.



Total number of days when temperatures dropped below 0 °C in the UK in 2019

This mainly happens between January and March: remember to activate your frost alert! (measured on a representative sample of Sencrop stations)



Sencrop has really taken the element of recording out of my day to day.

It’s easy to forget what happened in the day, whereas it’s all recorded on the Sencrop’s app.

Alister Farr


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