Case Study: Vineyards

Weather forecasts
in viticulture

Weather forecasts play a vital role in viticulture.

Rain, humidity, and temperature changes are key factors in crop success. These variables determine whether diseases affecting the yield and quality of grapes—and, consequently, of wine—will occur. The strength and direction of the wind make it possible to know whether using sprayers is feasible.

Prevent blight, powdery mildew and other diseases

The growth of blight and powdery mildew is stimulated by successive periods of warm weather and high humidity. Water prompts blight and powdery mildew zoospores to germinate and causes plants to become infected.

Sencrop enables you to anticipate and program a system of simple alerts. For example, you can set up SMS warnings to inform you when the temperature climbs above 20°C and the humidity threshold surpasses 87%.

Reduce and optimize crop treatments

Phytosanitary treatments must be administered under certain weather conditions to be effective. Access critical weather data reliably and accurately to trigger your treatments.

  • Take action at just the right time to make your treatments more effective
  • Optimize technical choices in your domain
  • Reduce back and forth spraying trips

Activate connected frost alerts

Program connected frost alerts on your smartphone (or computer): the Sencrop station will inform you in real time thanks to the positioning of stations at different parts of your vineyard:

  • Alerts connected directly to wet-bulb temperatures
  • Wake up at just the right time to activate your anti-frost system
  • Protect your grapes from frost

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Philippe Pitault, winegrower in Bourgueil (49)

"Before, we had to go and manually check all the thermometers. Nothing was electronic. We’d go around the vineyards checking on 5, 6 different thermometers set up in different locations. Now, with Sencrop alerts, we have several remote temperature points, several stations in everything is much smoother now. We’ll only receive one alert at night, but it will be the right alert."