Arboriculture: Case Study

The role of the weather in arboriculture is crucial. Sencrop indicators can help you protect your plots regardless of their size, distance, or number.

Crop management

Tree disease prevention

Savings on input costs

Irrigation management



Detection of Risks and Tree Diseases

Rain, humidity, and temperatures are all key factors when it comes to the risks of tree diseases, frost or post-spraying washout.



Apple trees are particularly susceptible to this fungal disease which affects both fruits and leaves. It severely impacts yields in arboriculture.



Monilinia mainly affects stone fruits and is characterised by the destruction of flowers and fruits gradually rotting.



The impact of frost on trees varies based on how severe the event is, the variety and the growth stage. Vigilance is key.


Codling Moth

This moth is one of the most abundant tree pests. It mostly targets apple and pear trees but does attack walnut and quince trees.


Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a tree disease caused by a fungus. It can also affect many other plants. Its insidious development makes it difficult to detect.


Prepare for the Early Season and for the Coming Season

How can you ensure healthy development for your trees in the early season and during the growing season when they face so many risks related to diseases, pests, and frost?

Frost Prevention

Because of climate change, farmers are increasingly concerned about the risks associated with frost, particularly towards the end of winter. Arboriculture is not left unscathed. The most critical season remains spring, during bud burst.

To counter the effects of frost in arboriculture, effective actions should be taken at the right moment: wind turbines, heaters or sprinkling systems.

To that end, Sencrop puts two solutions at your disposal: the Leafcrop wetness sensor and the Raincrop rain gauge, which indicates wet-bulb temperature. All you need to do is set up an alert to act at the desired time.


Treatment Optimisation and prevention of ground washout

The success of phytosanitary treatment applications depends on many factors. Thanks to Sencrop’s stations (such as the Leafcrop), you can rely on accurate, consistent ag-weather data straight from your plots.

The benefits? Higher efficiency, optimised management, and savings in treatment agent. The indicators cover:

Humidity, essential for systemic products
Temperature, which impacts the absorbing capacity of the plants
Wetness, to apply treatment at the optimal time
Wind speed, to prevent the risk of washout

Alerts and Decision-Making

You will have understood that acting at the right time is crucial to protect your orchards:

To help you make the right decisions, Sencrop offers an alert system which informs you in real time when certain elements in the data collected warrant it, or when data changes are observed.

You can program these alerts based on your own situation (frost alert, sowing alert, etc.).

Phone alarm

Decision Support Tools

Sencrop allows you to combine your weather data with decision support tools designed for arboriculture. This gives you all the keys to make the right calls: These partners are not always available for your geographical area.

Irrigation scheduling system.
Pest and disease management for fruit and wine-growing



of all Sencrop fruit growers

have already connected their Sencrop app to a DST.



drop in annual yield

of peaches and nectarines in Europe in 2020 vs 2019 because of spring frosts. Sencrop sounds the alert in case of frost to improve reactivity and avoid yield loss.

Jonathan Lukies


I’ve put up one alert when I first got the station. It will come back next spring for our cherry trees for frost.

If it gets below 4°C, with a high humidity on the leaf, it sends me an alarm and we can do something about it like putting a frost buster on it and get the temperature up a bit around the cherry trees.

Jonathan Lukies


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Sencrop has really taken the element of recording out of my day to day.

It’s easy to forget what happened in the day, whereas it’s all recorded on the Sencrop’s app.

Alister Farr


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